From the Home Office

My friend Alex almost always signs off Twitter of an evening with a goodnight message. They tickle me, these tweets, because in them she regularly invents new words to refer to her collective followers. No pedestrian “tweeps” for Alex.

Among my favorites:

Goodnight, Tweepsicle

…Tweetson (sometimes Tweeterson).

… Twitches

… Tweepsies

… Tweetiepop

… Tweetifer (sometimes Tweetipher)

… Tweetypie

… Tweetbitches

… Tweetsicle

She’s also the only one who’s ever gotten away with calling me “Arleney,” but somehow it makes sense when she says it.

What are your favorite terms for people on Twitter?

Arlene’s career has spanned film, television and web production, artist development, content creation, and senior management for Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. She is currently the head of the Las Vegas offices of advertising agencies 87AM and Allied Integrated Marketing, which represent a number of prestigious resort, entertainment and hospitality clients both on the Strip and in Downtown and suburban Las Vegas

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