Love is…

… when you and your spouse are trying to remember the name of an obscure place in New York, but can’t, so you give up. And hours later, one of you remembers the name, calls out just one word across the house, and the other answers, “right!”

Arlene’s career has spanned film, television and web production, artist development, content creation, and senior management for Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. She is currently the head of the Las Vegas offices of advertising agencies 87AM and Allied Integrated Marketing, which represent a number of prestigious resort, entertainment and hospitality clients both on the Strip and in Downtown and suburban Las Vegas

One comment: On Love is…

  • So true! This very thing happened (well, almost – nothing to do with NY) with my youngest and I over the weekend. Hours after a conversation, I heard his little voice shout “stencil!” from the kitchen. So nice that he knew he didn’t have to explain.

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