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We arrived home from the hospital a bit ago. Surgery went as well as could be expected. They didn’t have to take my aortic lymph


We arrived at the hospital at 5:30am as instructed, and are currently in the surgery waiting room. They won’t take me to be prepped until

12 hours, my ass

With apologies for the scatological pun… As a requirement of my surgery, my intestines must be empty. This involves a liquid diet for today and

Post Pre-Op

Had my pre-op with Dr. Friedman yesterday. Naturally, my first question was whether I could  bring my laptop/iPhone to the hospital with me. (Yes –


The doctors sprung me for our long-planned trip to Florid (read: WDW), from whence I currently post. Not much more news to share until after

Hopeful news

I don’t see the oncologist until Thursday morning (9th), but my GP called to let me know that the report on my CT scan is

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