Craig Ferguson on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show

Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show, which recently celebrated its 1-year anniversary, continues to impress me with its no-b.s., conversational, audience-participation format. Writer / actor / comedian / Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson sat down with Pollak on June 20.

Kevin Pollak and Craig Ferguson

The resulting 90 minutes must surely be Ferguson’s most personal, frank, revealing interview ever. Sure, he talks about Shark Week and The Drew Carey Show and his own late night show – but he also talks about sobriety, fear of flying, his mother and WWII, and much more. If you’re a fan (I am, obviously) – it’s riveting stuff.

From the KPCS site, you can use the pull-down menu on the right to access any  of the other shows from Pollak’s 4-dozen-plus episode archive. He interviews actors, writers, musicians, executives, poker players, with no project-plugging in sight. Previous guests include Hank Azaria, Craig Bierko, Felicia Day, Annie Duke, Eddie Izzard, Liza Loeb, Curt Smith, and Titus Welliver. You can also get the show in podcast form from iTunes and on TiVo (if your setup permits).


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    There are in fact three links to KPCS in the post. The first four words of the post (“Kevin Pollaks Chat Show”) are linked; the photo is linked; and the words “KPCS site” in the last paragraph are linked. I’m sorry the links weren’t more readily apparent to you (although they are bolded and underlined). Perhaps I should consider making the links a different color, although yours is the first and only feedback I’ve gotten in this regard.

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