Happy Anniversary To Me

Photo credit: Happy Via
This morning was my one-year post-surgery anniversary checkup with Dr. Friedman (my oncologist).

The verdict: Nothing to see here, move along.

Oh, I’ll be back in three months for my next checkup. But today was a meaningful milestone.

Happy, relieved, grateful.


  1. Awesome, congrats on the great news. Can’t believe it’s been a year already. Very happy you’re a “cancer ass kicker”.


  2. Yeeeeee….hhaaaaaa!!!! Great news…see ya to the big C.

    Its also 1 year ago that we met and became good friends. It truly feels like I’ve known you my whole life. xxx

  3. Congratulations! I am 3+ yrs out from a double mastectomy/reconstruction/chemo. I just had a checkup this week. Somehow while the milestones are major and remarkable, there is little fanfare in the actual act. I think you should get a token, a coin, or some trinket to mark the achievement. So in lieu of that, I give you a virtual hug and high five and wish you many more healthy anniversaries.
    (adamslisa on twitter)

    1. Thank you, every one of you, for the kind and supportive words!

      @Lisa, I got a hug from my generally business-like oncologist, who then told me that being able to celebrate anniversaries like this one is why he does what he does. That was token enough for me for now! 🙂

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