My Current Top 5 iPhone Pet Peeves

I love my iPhone, probably more than I should. I love it because it syncs seamlessly with my MacBook. I love it even though it’s a 3G and upgrading to iOS4 nearly killed it (I eventually downgraded back to iOS3). I even love

But that doesn’t mean I love everything about it. Here are 5 of my current pet peeves. If you have workarounds for any of them, or know of updates on he horizon that will address them, please let me know in the comments.

  1. Limit incoming email messages to first nK. For heaven’s sake, I could do that on my Treo 600 back in the day, but I can’t on my iPhone? For those of us who travel internationally… or just don’t feel like waiting while a large photo or file downloads… it would be nice, and vastly money-saving when roaming internationally, to have that option.
  2. It’s too many clicks to get to the #. Why not move the hash mark to the numeric keyboard window? Currently you have to click though from THAT keyboard to get the one with the hash. Hashtags have become such a staple of social media, which many of us access via smartphone… why so many clicks to access the hash?
  3. You can’t access a map directly from the Location entry in a calendar item. That’s just silly. If you can do it from address book, why not from calendar?
  4. You can’t attach multiple photo album images to an email. Why ever not?
  5. You can’t easily delete or move all emails in an inbox. Even though you now have the circles, you still have to click them individually. Why no “select all” option in email to delete, move, etc.?

Those are my top 5. What are yours? Leave them in the comments.


  1. I’d really like to be able to “snooze” the appointments reminders as they go off. So I can ask to be told again in 5mins, 15mins, an hours, 2hrs etc.
    Also, as it stands, the reminder pops up, and another reminder for the same time or day pops up, and we never see that 1st reminder again! Not good for birthday reminders when more than one person has a birthday that same day!
    Is there an app that syncs with Outlook and works just like Outlook on the phone?

  2. Wow, the multiple photo share is a whack easier!!! Something I just discovered. How to get a screen shot from an iPhone.

    Go to the page or feature you want the screen shot from and hold down the sleep button down. Press the “Home” button and then release the Sleep button. Flash- screen shot of that item is saved in the camera roll. I’ve been dying to know how to do that!

  3. Great piece Wzzy. Thanks for posting. My main complaint is the amount of time it takes to switch from one ap to another. I suffer through minutes of blank screen time. And I agree with commenter John’s #2 point.

  4. John and Dawn, thank you both for the comments!

    @John, agree with you about the option to “save” mail on the iPhone for POP3 accounts.

    @Dawn, thank you for the photo/mail tip… will use for sure!

  5. #4 is possible. Go to the photo album, and across the top where it says albums, camera roll, there is the mail symbol. Select the mail symbol before you select which photo you want. It then lets you send 5 or so depending on the size you want to send.

  6. There is a way to get more than one photo to an email but it’s “kind of a drag”. Once sending one to an email, use the “Cancel” message option. This allows for the message to be saved as a “Draft” (and there should be a separate command for that as well)…then return to the the album of choice, tap and hold on new photo. A “Copy” option appears. Go back to the Draft folder, to the message and and another tap and hold will make a “Paste” option appear.

    My top 5?

    1. I have the 3G also and won’t be upgrading anytime soon. I was hoping for the “HDR” (High Dynamic Range) feature touted for iOS 4.1. Sadly, it’s only supported by the 3Gs and 4. That’s my no.1 issue. I was really looking forward to this.

    2. If I’m making an email and get an incoming call, the call will wipe the email, it’s not automatically saved as a Draft. This could be an issue limited to the 3G as well.

    3. I wish the App Store had a way to filter which iApps are no longer supported by iOS4 or 4.1

    4. iOS 4 nearly killed my phone as well. Everything seemed fine until I had a problem I thought a Restore would solve. An issue with thumbnails from 3rd party photo apps not showing up in iPhoto. The restore failed and I had a dead iPhone for a week. Then iTunes 10 came out and -wonder of wonders, it repaired what was being reported as a firmware failure. Continue using iOS 4.1 but it’s a tad slow. 4.1 fixed the thumbnail issue.

    5. Same issue of wanting to delete email by page or some other count criteria. Should be a way select just the ones desired for saving. Something different. A way to create folders for messages.

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