The Cosmopolitan LV’s Fresh Approach To Twitter

I’m not privy to their (social) marketing plans, and I’ve not yet seen the property (although I plan to visit next week when I’m at CES). But I’m impressed and a bit charmed by The Cosmopolitan LV‘s approach to Twitter.

It doesn’t merely tout its rooms, rates, restaurants and entertainment offerings, thank those who do so, or respond to feedback.

Rather, the Twitter stream strikes me as a complementary extension of the property’s overall branding: self-confident; interested in a wide swath of (smart) popular culture; unafraid to extol the virtues of others’ brands and accomplishments; playful; fun. They tweet about art, architecture, film, food (and not just their own restaurateurs), drink, music, and more. Some recent examples:

In short, by telling us what IT likes, the Cosmopolitan is subtly suggesting why WE might very well like IT as well. That’s refreshing and clever. To whoever’s behind the feed, and the overall marketing strategy, I say “well done.” If the property itself is as creative and entertaining as the marketing – and from early anecdotal reports, it is – I’m sure I and many others will have lots of fun there.

Cosmopolitan LV Twitter Feed
Cosmopolitan LV website


  1. Thx for the tip. I will add to my feed. Let me know what you think of the property. I am intrigued, but slightly hesitant.

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