A Happy Camper Story

For nearly a decade, I’ve used OnlineLabels as my primary source for label stock. I like their flexibility on quantity, their stock choices (color, removable, etc.), their Avery cross-reference list, their templates, and oh, yeah, their pricing. (It’s low.)

To that laudable list I can now add one thing more: their amazing customer service.

The Story

Last month I was gearing up for a large project, for which I needed a quantity of full-sheet labels. I ordered them from OnlineLabels, specified standard shipping, and received emails both confirming my order and providing a tracking number once my order shipped (the same day!).

The tracking number showed the package made it as far as Ontario, CA, by the next day and then… nothing. It just stayed there. When it hadn’t arrived by the fourth day (which happened to be a Friday), I called the customer service line. I wasn’t sure if I’d get anyone, but sure enough, a rep by the name of Dean answered the phone. After apologizing profusely, he promised to look into the matter and get back to me.

To my astonishment, he actually did call me back, about 30 minutes later, and said the following:

We don’t know why UPS hasn’t delivered the package, but this doesn’t meet our level of customer service. Our shipping facility is closed for the weekend, but first thing Monday morning we’ll send a replacement order to you via priority shipping, at our expense. Please accept our apologies again, and thank you for being our customer.

The replacement order arrived as promised, and I continued on with my project. (Note: The original shipment, having somehow detoured back across the country to the UPS facility in Parsippany, NJ, also eventually showed up.)

The Moral

We all take to the airwaves (the netwaves?) to rant when a company or product has let us down. So I wanted to make sure to do the same when a company surprised and impressed me. Two big thumbs up to OnlineLablels from a very satisfied customer.

Do you have any happy customer service stories to share? The comments are yours!