Interesting Links 4.3.11

Linka I found interesting enough to share today:

  • The LAPD joins agencies statewide tomorrow (April 4) in beginning zero-tolerance enforcement of laws prohibiting distracted driving. That menas no texting while driving and no taking while driving (unless you’re using a hands-free device). Think abou it folks. There’s NOTHING so important it can’t wait until you’re safely parked. No conversation or SMS is worth your life (or anyone else’s).
  • An Etsy seller makes clever use of the Apple logo in these skins for iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.
  • My friend Alison Byrne Fields tweeted this link to a New York Times story about Gregory Peck replica eyeglass frames. They’re lovely, and some of the proceeds go to charity, but they’re also pricey ($315). I responded with a suggestion for similar frames by Warby Parker ($95, including the prescription), a company I learned about thanks to my son.
  • Jay Siegan, owner of San Francisco’s Red Devil Lounge, said on Twitter “Sometimes I just want to open a store so i can give it a kick-ass name. This is a pure victory!” in reference to this photo. I agree!
  • My friend @Cliff *before* his last training run 4 next wk’s Paris Marathon. Support him & Medecins Sans Frontieres: