Why Doesn’t Facebook Have Bookmarks?

Whenever I scan my Facebook news feed, I see items I’d like to read, watch or comment upon, but don’t always have time to do so at that moment. If Facebook wants to expand its domination of C2C and B2C online communications, it should offer users a bookmark/favorite option.

If in addition to “Liking” a given post, we could actually save it to read or watch later, it would only accrue to the benefit of all.

  • We wouldn’t miss stories, photos or articles that interest us.
  • Page admins would have an additional metric to measure (how many people favorited their item).
  • Destination media (videos, blog posts, etc.) would benefit from otherwise missed traffic.
  • People could see (if the underlying privacy settings allow) which items their friends felt were interesting enough to bookmark, allowing “influencers” to have even more influence.

Does anyone know if FB has something like this in the works? Would you use it if they offered it?

What else do you think FB is missing (snark aside!) that would make it more useful?


  1. Brilliant idea! It’s a win-win for everybody. So glad I found you on Twitter. This idea and the link to Gershwin playing Rhapsody in Blue… You’ve made my afternoon. Thanks.

    Brenda Coffee

    1. Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to read the post :).

  2. I agree with you, would use this feature if available. Although I must admit that 70% of things I ‘bookmark’ for later access, I never get the time to get back to them. I love the ‘influencer’ idea, though. I would like to see better shopping interaction. If I want to have my facebook friends help me find a good deal, or if I want to let someone on facebook I know is looking for the perfect widget, and I am out in the world and find it, I want to be able to let them know. I would include in this the idea of wishlists, which one could keep on Facebook, and whenever someone is looking for what to get them, they could check the FB wishlist. Like registering at Target… but not for wedding, for life! (Cool Feature: Owner of list cannot see things checked off the list, but everyone else the list is shared with can!)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Jon. Wishlists are another great idea (and would help FB on the revenue side as well).

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