Between late 2012 and mid 2014, we moved house twice: once from a single-family home to a condo (which involved acquiring a storage unit) and then from the condo back into a single-family home in another city (which involved moving things from both the condo and the storage unit to the new place).

We wouldn’t have survived the move without this amazing sub-$100 piece of equipment. Magna Cart’s “Flatform” hand truck is a cinch to set up and collapse. It holds up to 300 pounds (about 135 kilos). Its broad base makes it easy to transport boxes or oddly-shaped items which might not fit on a traditional hand cart. It has a slim profile when folded, which makes it easy to store when not in use.

After it worked so well for us at home, I got one for use in my office. It saved the team more than a few aching backs when we needed to move boxes of rack cards, equipment, or other items from the office to a client event and back again.

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