Post Pre-Op

Had my pre-op with Dr. Friedman yesterday. Naturally, my first question was whether I could  bring my laptop/iPhone to the hospital with me. (Yes –


The doctors sprung me for our long-planned trip to Florid (read: WDW), from whence I currently post. Not much more news to share until after

Hopeful news

I don’t see the oncologist until Thursday morning (9th), but my GP called to let me know that the report on my CT scan is

So what happened, exactly?

Many people (all of them women; understandable, seeing as men don’t have an immediate concern about uterine cancer) have asked me how I came to

Why a Blog NOW?

I’ve long thought about writing a blog, but talked myself out of it since the amazing Bumble Ward already writes Miss Whistle’s Whistling, the blog

Hello world!

Coming soon. Soon as in, I need to figure out WordPress. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter.

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