Twitter’s New RT Feature

As my mom likes to say, “there are pros and cons on both sides” to Twitter’s new RT function (at this writing, still being rolled

To List, or Not to List

Everyone’s all atwitter (forgive the pun) over the service’s new Lists feature. It is, if you will, a glamorized, organized version of the site’s ubiquitous


This is my friend Cliff’s pug, Hiccup. I want to hug him.

First (Crisis) Epiphany Manifesto

The brilliant poster, designed by LeAnne Wagner, for a Bard College program held earlier this year. It examined ‘the manifesto as a context in contemporary

Context Is Everything

The five generally agreed-upon human tastes are bitter, salty, sour, sweet and umami. I propose a sixth: Context. Dodger Dogs don’t taste the same at

Gee – Oh! – Location

Twitter is on the verge of implementing a new feature: the ability to automatically append your location (via latitude and longitude) to your tweets. This

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