With apologies for the scatological pun…

As a requirement of my surgery, my intestines must be empty. This involves a liquid diet for today and tomorrow. And just to be sure, two 10-ounce bottles of Magensium Citrate. Dr. Friedman suggested that I take the first bottle at bedtime on Saturday night, “as it takes about 12 hours to begin working, and that way you’ll get most of the bowel-cleansing part out of the way late morning.”

We were out late last night, so I took the first bottle of “lemon flavor” wonder juice at about 1am.

I awakened at about 6am, with my intestines gurgling and heaving mightily, and off I took myself to the bathroom, the first of many trips over the next few hours.

Am currently downing the second of the two bottles, which I can hardly believe is necessary at this point.

It may be just me, or I may have to left Dr. F. know to modify his timelines for future patients.