I’ve long thought about writing a blog, but talked myself out of it since the amazing Bumble Ward already writes Miss Whistle’s Whistling, the blog I myself would want to write. So I’ve not started a blog before this, because I didn’t have anything in particular to post on a blog.

Until July 2, 2009, when I was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

Life provides answers in the most unexpected ways.

So, seeing as I now have a rather focused topic on which to write, I’ll keep a running commentary here about my treatment and adventures along the way. It’ll be a way for those interested to follow along; for me to have a place to record what I’m experiencing; and for those who may go through the same thing after me to have at least one other person’s experience to go by.

PLEASE feel free to join in. So long as everyone plays nicely I’ll leave the commenting unmoderated (because really, I don’t need something else taking my time up right now).