It’s been fascinating and heart-warming to engage with so many people in the middle of the year. I’m used to it at holiday time, this sharing of news and good cheer, but not in July-August. I’m actually having trouble keeping up with all the emails.

It’s been fascinating to HAVE to sit back and accept the flood of warm wishes and offers of meals and rides and logistical support. Usually I shy away from this kind of attention and feel undeserving and embarrassed. Those who know me well know I much prefer being backstage to being onstage. But Tom insisted that I let our friends BE our friends, and it’s been wonderful. Everyone seems genuinely happy to be of use, and just having dinners brought to us this past week has been more of a godsend than any of the donors will ever really know.

Having flower arrangements fill the house has not only added life and loveliness to the surroundings… but they are visual representations, not only of their senders, but of all the people who care and want good things for me. Every time I see a bouquet, I’m reminded of the fact that there are people to whom I matter. It’s incredibly gratifying.

I want to hold onto these feelings of mutual love and goodwill for as long as possible.