Negative Space That’ll Turn Your Head

Here’s another brilliant, unique gift. Looks like a wooden chalice, or perhaps some sort of stair newel or decorative table leg, right?

Look again.

Look to the left of the shadow. (I’ll wait.)

Is that the coolest silhouette portrait you’ve ever seen?

The folks at Turn Your Head have figured out how to, from a photo of a profile, use a lathe to cut it into the wooden forms and come up with these beautiful “pirolettes.” They can be done of a baby, or of a grownup.

They’ve even figured out how to do two on one (for a wedding, or perhaps for twins):

We’ve had one done of our son, and now are going to get our own. , When all three are next to each other on our mantle, they’ll be a discreet family portrait for those who can see it, and just be three beautiful chalices for those who can’t.

Pirolettes cost $150. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have one per year while your child’s growing up? Or to give as mementos to grandparents, or for a baby shower or wedding gift?

I’m besotted with these, as you can tell.