Great Vegan/Veggie Dining in Los Angeles – at a DINER!

Those following this blog for some time know that my husband and I try to follow a predominantly animal-free diet. We do this for health reasons. We occasionally and selectively enjoy cheese, ice cream, and very occasionally some seafood, poultry or meat. But our preference is for fruit, veggies, legumes and grains.

Our college-student son, however, is pretty firmly ensconced in the “I’ll have a milkshake and a burger” camp. And since he only spends a few months out of the year with us, we try to find eateries that will let all of us dine according to our preference. That’s not always easy. But today we found a great option that’s been under our noses all along: Swingers.

Sure, it has all the diner ‘tude and all the diner staples: shakes, fries, BLTs, pancakes, chilis. But it also has a multitude of tasty vegan and veggie options, including wraps, salads, even vegan pancakes. You can check out their menu online if you’re interested.

Swingers has two locations: one in Santa Monica (Lincoln & Broadway) and  another on Beverly about midway between the Beverly Center and The Grove. We’ll be back!