Interesting Entrees?

For the past two months, I’ve been following a near-Vegan, near-gluten-free diet for two reasons: 1) to improve my general health and minimize chances of further disease and 2) to lose weight.

Only time will tell if I achieve goal number 1, although my already-low cholesterol had dropped another three points by my physical last month.

Goal number 2 is well under way, as I’ve lost 15 pounds. Still a ways to go before my driver’s license isn’t a lie, but I’ve no doubts I’ll be there within a few months.

My husband has been cheerfully supportive, as he was never a big meat-eater and his cholesterol runs on the high side.

Most breakfasts I have fruit, and most lunches I have soup and/or salad.

It’s dinner that’s the issue for me.

I’m bored to sobs with soups, stir-fries (using water!), steamed or roasted veggies, and the like. I miss the taste and texture of meat and dairy, even more than I miss bread. I want something gooey and chewy, like eggplant parm or cassoulet or lamb stew.

Before you ask: I never say never. I cooked a (delicious, IMHO) Heritage Farms turkey for Thanksgiving, and had a few ounces. My son made a glorious apple-almond torte, and I had a sliver. I’m perfectly willing to make occasional exceptions, and will continue to do so. Occasionally.

I’m talking about day-in, day-out dinner entrees. And rightly or wrongly, I would never mistake a grilled portobello mushroom for a hamburger :(.

Any thoughts, recommendations, or encouragement gratefully received!


  1. A, i dont have any suggestions, sorry i am so rubbish at this. but i did want to say i admire you for what youre trying to do- i wish i had half your willpower. xx

  2. Well done to you, my love. As you know I have a recurring stomach problem so have become a master at avoiding gluten, yeast, wheat etc. I eat a lot of tofu which can be marinated and baked – its delicious. Also if you’re craving the crunch maybe try lightly salted rice cakes. Curries and chilis can be made almost fat free (I have a great recipe on my blog). You have turned a corner and as you feel healthier and probably sleep better – it will get easier. xxx

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