My Top 10 iPhone Wants

I unapologetically love my iPhone. Having said that, it’s not perfect. Here’s what would make it better for me. (I believe a number of these fixes may be on the way in the next OS/hardware update… but that won’t help me as I’ve got a 3G and don’t expect to upgrade it for another year or so.)

  1. Calendar: Clickable addresses. What’s the point of having locations in a calendar entry if you can’t click through to a map/directions?
  2. Email: A “select all” option for deleting/moving email.
  3. Email: The ability to move an email from a POP3 inbox to a different folder (e.g. “save for later”). Currently you either have to keep it in the inbox, or delete it.
  4. App Store: A “bookmark” or “save for later” option when checking out Apps in the App Store. Sometimes, when I’m interested in an App, I’d like to check it out further before making a decision The only thing you can do now is buy it or email it to yourself.
  5. Contacts: Ability to access ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact details if one chooses (as I do) to keep your phone locked. I’ve done a workaround by putting my emergency contact details on my wallpaper, but it doesn’t seem right that you have to choose between one and the other.
  6. Printing: Wireless printing (without having to use an add-on App).
  7. Photos: An easier way to get photos off the phone and onto your computer. Come on, already.
  8. Camera: A front camera for video chat.
  9. Storage: An SD slot (although someone’s coming out with an SD reader for iPhone this spring, supposedly).
  10. Battery: A removable/replaceable battery. We all know how much power 3G, Bluetooth, etc. drain. Why not give us the option to pop a new battery in, especially when (on planes, at events, or in long meetings) a charger might not be readily available?

I try to stay pretty current on this stuff, but it’s possible that some of my wants already exist for the 3G, and I don’t know it. If so, please enlighten me in the comments!


  1. Hi Kathy – not sure what you mean about drag and drop? – although I did finally get Image Capture to work which has helped somewhat. Oddly for Apple, getting the photos off the phone has been one of the least intuitive processes ever. Getting them ON the phone is pretty easy, fortunately.

  2. re: photos — you’re looking for something easier than highlight/drag&drop? Or you can’t do that with your config?

    I will never understand why they have gutted the bluetooth features on the iPhone. It’s crazy.

    What I really want from the iPhone (which I also like a lot) is a better phone, particularly a stronger antenna. Drives me nuts when all my friends have 5 bars of reception in a place and I have one, and we’re all on AT&T.

  3. I’m going to go ahead and stick with my blackberry 😛

    Sure, sometimes snapping a photo leaves you blind and takes longer that one would like, but meh, it works.

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